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rental of photographic poles starting from

We offer the possibility of renting some photographic equipment most suitable to you according to needs of use, here is a list of available fittings and the relative prices:
carbon pole 7.8m € 80.00 / per day
carbon pole 10.5m € 120 / per day
carbon pole 13.8m € 150 / per day
Osmo dji € 80 / day
Gimbal carbon steadycam for reflex (up to 1.2kg of machine) € 130 / day
Gimbal gopro / actioncam for auction with radio and screen for viewing live images € 120 / day
Segway € 160 / day
Smart balance € 80 / day
Spark dji including an hour of training preparatory to the flight € 120 plus tot per day to be agreed

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